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I have been working and living in NYC for well over a decade.  I recently decided to step outside of my 15+ year career on Wall Street to pursue my passion in health and wellness.

My story and journey started 7 years ago in 2010 when I developed a very serious Candida Albicans yeast overgrowth in my digestive tract from taking too many rounds of antibiotics.  I was getting recurring sinus infections and didn’t realize that my immune system was run down and antibiotics were making it worse.



When the Candida overgrowth developed I have never felt more sick in my life but all of the blood tests said that I was perfectly fine.  I visited many doctors and specialists and they all made me feel like it was in my head and perhaps speaking to a therapist would help me feel better.


As a result, I decided to take my health matters into my own hands and started a journey to search for help.  It took me many months to find out what was wrong exactly and how to get better through diet and holistic supplements.

I felt like I had the flu or mono every day and it couldn't have been a more dark and lonely period in my life. I will never forget how happy I was when I found the holistic health coach that was able to diagnose what was wrong with me and helped me see the light again of achieving optimal health.

I would like to be able to provide the same guidance and coaching for others through diet as there are many illnesses that are undiagnosable and can only be treated through a whole foods diet and stress management.   


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